About Mel

Mel’s career was honored by NEWSDAY, March 8, Act 2, with a cover photo page and two additional pages of photos and story line. Goggle NEWSDAY, March 8, ACT 2, “A Lifetime of Lyrics.” A “Doctor of Humane Letters,” awarded by Five Towns College, Dix Hills, N.Y., followed on May 24th, based upon his life accomplishments in the music business as a lyricist, educator and entertainer and having been a VP Sales, Cosmetics, CHANEL, USA and VP Sales, Godiva Chocolates, USA.

Songs that Mel Glazer co-wrote have been recorded by Etta James (“Guess Again”), Robert Plant (“Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night”—which if you Google “Ten Best Songs of Robert Plant,” this is #6), Elvis Presley (Title song for his movie “Speedway”), Daniel O’Donnell (“The Magic is There”), among others. Collaborators have included “Hall of Fame” writers Carole King, Sammy Fain and Aaron Schroeder.

His recorded songs are represented in diverse classifications: Country, R&B, Latin, Hard Rock, Jazz, Inspirational, among others. His most recent “top 20” country song, “THE MAGIC IS THERE,” was recorded by Daniel O’Donnell on Ritz Records, UK, and is included in five of his “Greatest Hits” albums. Mel was honored with sharing a chapter heading in Ken Sharp’s authoritative book on Elvis Presley, “Writing for the King.” He has won three ASCAP awards for his work and has been notified by the Director of the United States Navy Band, that his patriotic song “YOU, YOU’RE GOING DOWN,” has been accepted for performance.

Mel Glazer is an associate professor of “Professional Selling & Sales Management” at FIVE TOWNS COLLEGE, in Dix Hills, N.Y.,. Previous classes have included Popular Songwriting, Music Publishing as well as Popular Lyric Writing seminars.

For twelve years, Mel was a State sponsored speaker on behalf of the New Jersey Council for the Humanities on Frank Sinatra. An acclaimed raconteur, his unique perspective on Frank Sinatra, as a role model, professionally and personally, attained international attention when interviewed twice by Joe Franklin on Bloomberg’s “Business of Show Business.”

* As an actor, he appeared as the Archbishop of Canterbury in the teleplay “Minions of the Race” written and produced by Anne Paolucci.