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The Frank Sinatra You Never Knew

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The Frank Sinatra You Never Knew


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Mel Glazer

  • Songs that Mel Glazer co-wrote have been recorded by Etta James, Robert Plant, Elvis Presley, Daniel O’Donnell (among others) and are represented on all the major media including movies, TV, off-Broadway and the cabaret circuit. Collaborators have included Carole King, Sammy Fain, Aaron Schroeder, Arthur Siegal, Bernie Baum (among others.)

  • His recorded songs are represented in diverse classifications: Country, R&B, Latin, hard rock, jazz, novelty, rockabilly (among others), His most recent “top 20” chart maker was “THE MAGIC IS THERE,” recorded by Daniel O’Donnell on Ritz Records UK. It was released in the U.S. in Nov. 2003 on Daniel O’Donnell’s “Greatest Hits” album and released again in 2007. “SPEEDWAY,” originally recorded by Elvis Presley for the title song of the movie “Speedway,” was recently recorded by Static-X, in a hard rock version.

  • Mel Glazer is an Assistant Professor of music business courses at FIVE TOWNS COLLEGE, in Dix Hills, N.Y. He also writes a monthly column, “Songtalker,” for AuralFix magazine.

  • He is a State of New Jersey sponsored speaker on the life of Frank Sinatra for the Council of the Humanities. A raconteur, his unique perspective on Frank Sinatra, as a role model, professionally and personally, attained international attention when interviewed on two occasions by Joe Franklin and his producer, Nancy Blasquez, on Bloomberg’s “Business of Show Business.” Other media events include Joey Reynolds on WOR radio and The Bonnie Graham TV Show.

  • As an actor, he recently appeared as the Archbishop of Canterbury in the teleplay “Minions of the Race” written and produced by Anne Paolucci.

Melvin J. Glazer
21 Chapel Place #1A
Great Neck, New York 11021
Tel/fax 516-829-2474


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